Wednesday, August 10

we made it!!

These last few weeks in Washington have been hectic. We've had boxes to pack. We've had a birthday to both plan and execute. I had a half-marathon to shoddily train for and run, while Mr. Awesome had tests to take and relocation planning to undertake. All three of us have had multiple doctors and dentist appointments and I can't even count the numbers of hugs and goodbyes we received. However on Tuesday, after five hours of sleep, two packed cars, and two flights...we arrived. At our new home...
To everyone who sent us off...we love you, we miss you and we absolutely can not wait for you to visit!!!



  1. Did you move to Hawaii? Congrats on the new home! :)

  2. All I have to say is you better post more regularly otherwise I will hurt you telepathically.

  3. we moved to Oahu:) and I've been feeling your telepathic stabs thank you crystal