Friday, December 10

fill in the blank friday

1. I wish I could clean my house like Mary Poppins, much more efficient for me and infinitely more amusing for Miss K and the pup.

2. Yesterday I and Miss K bummed around the house and played on our heated carpet...what!! you don't have one? well if you have hardwood or laminate floors but love lounging about on the carpet this will change your life...and your dogs
3. Today I will have a gym date with Mr. Awesome which will conclude with a dip in the hot tub...which if you know me is a big deal considering I am anti-public swimming holes (and typically public showers as well)...I'm starting to break out in hives just thinking about it .

4. Tomorrow I will wake-up dark and early and probably go work on my December Daily with the bestie...who is due in just over a week, YAY!!!!

5. Maybe we'll go and do some window shopping and christmas light gawking in Seattle.

6. Someday SUPER CHEESY but I would love to take Miss K and my nieces and nephews to Disneyworld at Christmas to see all the lights and parades, their faces would be priceless.

7. I love hot tea in the morning, my super hot husband, my super cute puppy and of course this lady

Wednesday, December 8

introducing stella

So Stella is about 5'6 with a great figure, she also smells amazing and while a minimalist at heart she does have a penchant for random gaudy pieces of jewelry:) However, that does nothing to diminish her sparkle!!!
Yay!! We have a tree and yes I did take the liberty of naming it!! She was also handpicked and inspected by Miss K...
Loaded onto our awesome Subaru by Mr. Awesome...
and unfortunately decorated at 4am when Miss K decided that that was as good a time as any to wake-up for the day and since we don't have any gifts for under the tree here is a peek of my December Daily cover...
hope you're having a glorious wednesday:)

Monday, December 6

holiday limbo

It is officially December 6th and we have yet to get our Christmas tree, so I officially feel like I'm missing a little twinkle in my life. Our intention had been to get one this weekend but...well let's be honest, it's football season and we're lazy. On a side note I could have saved myself some tears had I just ran screaming after the first half of the Civil War game (for those who are unaware that's the Oregon State/Oregon rivalry). My poor Beavs!!! Sore subject, moving back to the tree. Hopefully we will find our perfect tree tonight along with the perfect photos for this wall which is incredibly depressing in it's current state, exhibit A
Sad...I know!!

However, all is not lost. I decided to whip up a little treat with my friends garland and high-gauge flower wire...
because who couldn't use a little more joy in their life...
Now to find a place to hang it:)

Friday, December 3

we're feeling a little dramatic today

fill in the blank friday

1.   Holiday spirit       is warm and fuzzy.

2.  The holidays are incomplete without   cheesy Christmas movies, Candy Cane JoJos, mistletoe and a tour of the Christmas lights.

3.  My favorite things to do around the holidays is      I really enjoy wrapping presents, drinking a short eggnog chai (just one a week:), finding the perfect gifts for my family, spending time with friends keeping warm.

4.  A holiday tradition my family and I have is   my mom always makes a big Christmas breakfast with brioche french toast.

5.  Holiday music is     kind of lovely, dependent on who's doing the singing, a miley cyrus christmas cd wouldn't float my boat

6.  This year, I'll be spending the holidays       running Miss K around, Mr. Awesome and I knew we'd be playing second fiddle once she came along:)

7.  Holiday wish list       1. Canon EOS 5D Mark II (which, if I'm being honest is way too much camera for me at this point) soooo I think the Canon Digital Rebel XTi would work:) 2. I would love to have family photos taken by this lady, not unlike these photos she took of her own fam,SOOOO AWESOME  3. a great christmas outfit, with flawless Christmas make-up and Victoria Secret runway hair (hey, it's a wish list right)...maybe something like this,
4. that Miss K has the best first Christmas ever...even though she won't remember it 5. Some wonderful holiday themed date nights with my Mr.

Thursday, December 2

even i can tie a knot

So remember this...
the fabric, not Miss K. Well I got this for 50% off and then stumbled upon this tutorial by the lovely Elise Blaha on the just as lovely site A Beautiful Mess by Elsie (yeah I do alot of stumbling). 

so with that lovely fabric and a solid green too, a wire hanger ("No wire hangers!!!" pardon me), some scissors, and two nap times for the lady and I got this awesomeness...
and it was soooo easy that I was feeling ambitious and did this...
WHAT!!! Not to pat my own back but...I'm kind of on a roll (assuming  you ignore that completely blank wall). Yay for easy holiday craftiness and napping babies!!

*added tip*
Do not do this on the living room carpet right after your husband has vacuumed 
he may not be amused 
even if you have finally both started and finished a project
he still not may not be amused
tell him you'll make it up to him...and let him just run with that:)

Wednesday, December 1

let the madness begin

Happy December 1st!! My goal for the month is to try to remain calm (stop skipping yoga), limit the sweets (so as not to feel guilty about skipping yoga), and to try and be super organized. I feel like I'm starting on the right foot by getting a head start on my holiday shopping with a little help from these babies...
You see I'm the type of person who has to have a list in order to be remotely productive otherwise I come home with a million things I don't need but minus the one thing that I actually went to find (before I do anything Mr. Awesome asks if I've written out my plan)...I'm like a cat distracted by shiny things, therefore I need a taskmaster along for the ride. You can print out your own copies of these nifty lists over here at A Typical Type A.

There's also a whole array of craftiness going on all over the web including my friend Monica doing 18 (ambitious) days of Christmas Crafts, Ali Edwards annual December Daily awesomeness (which I'm a little behind on already) and tons of free printables like this...
from Eighteen25.

Also, if you couldn't tell, Miss K is very into this whole Santa thing:) Check back tomorrow to see what I did with that awesome fabric she's lounging on.