Monday, June 28

Oh Yeah!!

So with summer moving in this has caused what I like to refer to as the "Fred Flintstone" phenomenon. At this point my hands, my feet, and (most devastatingly) my ankles look as if they've been stung by a swarm of hornets. My toes refuse to touch the ground and my legs appear to be trying to swallow my feet out of their misery. Notice how I didn't reference my ankles in that last sentence? It's because my legs have already swallowed my ankles!!! 

With these new developments in mind I have made my return to the cool waters of the lap pool at the gym. However, this seemingly small act brings on a whole other set of issues. I am at the point in my pregnancy where the one piece I would normally resort to looks absolutely horrifying, almost as if my belly extends from my roos to my neck. Mr. Awesome and I just looked and laughed as I shimmied my way both in and out of it cutting off blood flow to various extremities in the process. Thank you Speedo. Next option is to get a new "maternity" suit...but I'm not exactly sold on their matronly look and while they may offer more comfort they do nothing for my sense of vanity (I know!! Priorities). 

So what do I do? Rock the two piece? You know it. Now let me say that pre-pregnancy I wore this very same suit with little apprehension other than having always been a little soft in the middle. But the awesome thing about being pregnant is the fact that this is probably the hardest my abs are ever gonna get!!! Imagine my surprise when the two piece turned out to actually be flattering. I even got compliments at the gym and let's face it that would never have happened before. I was a hot "almost" mom. It's only a shame that come August I'm gonna have to work my butt, ankles, and hands off to get back in that thing but for now it's nice to feel at least quasi-comfortable in my own skin.

peace out, 

Saturday, June 5

Dear Nursery,

You are in absolute disarray, which is actually in keeping with the rest of our place. Having combined our belongings and moving three times in the the little over a year we've been married, I'd have to say that our current style could be summed up as "transitory." So unfortunately you, sad little nursery, have suffered the most. That will be changing very soon (hopefully), due to the fact that your complete lack of personality and function is making me anxious. I had to have Mr. Awesome put together the crib just to impart a sense of purpose, there are also several hideous paint options on the wall and a mishmash of baby stuff thrown around with no particular method to the madness. However, we have a plan: 


Royce is the elephants name and the crib was an awesome gift from my mom


These inspirational photos along with an ambitious list of DIY projects should make for an eventful few weeks and hopefully a room that looks less like a self-storage facility.  Finally here is a picture of Mr. Awesome gathering up his energy and dreaming of all the awesome projects we get to do:)

Bye for now little nursery, 

Friday, June 4

Friday Baby Update

How far along? 30 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain/loss: 22 pounds

Stretch marks? nada...however there are strange little bruises, I think from being kicked or the awkward positions I nap in.

Sleep: Ha!! I've given up on that and started just getting out of bed and trying to at least be productive.

Best moment this week: Watching my belly go nuts in the Borders Cafe...the guy sitting across from me was kind of freaked out. I just laughed and poked her:)

Movement: All the time but never on demand...when I try to get her to move more for Mr. Awesome she gets stubborn (definitely a trait she gets from her mother).

Food cravings: Diet Dr. Pepper, carbs (all of them, no discriminating) 

Labor Signs: No, no, no...thank the Lord

Belly Button in or out? in, in, in and staying that way

What I miss: Late nights hanging out with my Mr. I'm pretty much passed out at 8ish and not exactly a lot of fun any time immediately before or after that.

What I am looking forward to: seven more weeks and our little girl will officially be full term!

Weekly Wisdom: I love Mr. Awesome, pregnancy is hard on guys and he is absolutely the bestest ever!!

Milestones: My stack of appointment reminders, biweekly and thenweekly...means we're getting closer.