Friday, February 26

Dear Second Trimester,

So far everything people have told me about you, everything I've a complete lie!! A couple weeks in and I still have major nausea and am still getting sick just as much if not more than the first trimester and (overshare alert) Mr. Awesome is still waiting for that second trimester libido boost while I'm passed out in bed by seven. I'm going to give you a little bit more time but after that I'm going to find out if I have a "false advertisement" case against you. Feel free to stop sucking any day now. 


in more promising news today is the first day in three months that eggs have not offended me. So thanks mom for making me one:)

Wednesday, February 10

Dear Ultrasound Technician,

You have one of the neatest jobs! Not only do you get to play with goo but you also get to be there for all those first glimpses of baby in utero. If that weren't enough for me to think you were cool you go and give me this..."Look's like we have a head stand" you said. But here's what I think...our little breakdancer was just caught mid windmill! I also forgive you Ultrasound Tech for not getting the little wave, obviously the breakdancing was more than enough. I should also say thanks for holding up our appointment so Mr. Awesome could make it...he was being extra cautious on the moped due to the rain.

You're neat...but not as neat as the baby:)

Monday, February 8

Dear Baby,

You had your first appointment a few days ago and it was super...well mostly super. I thought that we were just going in to check your heartbeat and unfortunately wasn't aware that Dr. Hitchcock (cool...I know:) and her sidekick were gonna be all up in my Business. Oh Yes!! I did capitalize Business which I feel eliminates the need to elaborate, but I will! These appointments are something we need to know about in advance, so we can mentally prepare ourselves. I myself like to wear knee high socks so that I can retain some semblance of modesty. Which, as many of you may know, is incredibly difficult while in stirrups. There's also the added bonus of being told to relax but honestly who can relax when they're spread eagle, bare butt hanging off the edge of a table. Maybe it's just me but that's not how I sit around and watch TV. Ummmm, so apparently I got off track. I forgot I was writing to you Baby:) And since I'm almost positive you're not a girl you can be thankful that you will never have to deal with the aforementioned right of passage. You can also be assured that your mother is an oversharer...but not half as bad as your dad (seriously, it's legend). Just know that while we will embarass you we still love you very much.


Your heartbeat is super fast and strong and probably the most amazing thing I have ever heard in my life. 

Sunday, February 7

Super Sweet Sunday Fill in the Blank...

1.  If I had two hours to myself today, I'd  do exactly what I did this morning, eat english muffins and watch The Biggest Loser .

2.  If I could travel anywhere today, I would go to    Ambergris Caye, Belize .

3.     Rolling down a grassy hill with my brand spankin' new husband on our honeymoon is my happiest memory.

4.  Sometimes you're    the  mac       other times you're     the cheese .

5.  Beauty is  subjective  .

6.  I would be embarassed if anyone knew about that one time... .

7.  Love at first sight is    something that only happens when shopping for material things like shoes and really awesome modern funky lamps that your husband refuses to allow in the house, but certainly not spouses (in my opinion).

Saturday, February 6

Dear Saturday,

You are the loveliest of all the days of the week!! Mr. Awesome and I get to sleep in together and then I get to watch Super Nanny in my under-roos while simultaneously drinking tea and eating nachos* for breakfast (yeah...still pregnant:). As if all of that wasn't awesome enough we also get to go pick up a moped for Mr. Awesome to go with his new super cool Speed Racer helmet and I officially get to pick up some maternity clothes because while I like hanging out in my roos,  I don't like when it's because the only pair of pants that still fit are in the dryer. Because, Saturday, you are so awesome we may or may not get to any of these things but we will surely make time for a nap and to be thankful for making it through another week. 

happy day, 

*if you think about it nachos are a spectacular breakfast food: carbs (chips, good ones), dairy (low-moisture part skim mozzarella and sour cream), protein (from my black beans), and fruits and veggies (avocado and corn). That's What's Up:)

Thursday, February 4

Dear Internet,

It has been a little while and I sincerely apologize. In an effort to grow up a little Mr. Awesome and I decided that maybe Him, Me, Baby and Puppy should have a little bit more space than what was afforded by are wonderful little studio. That and our building was slowly but surely being turned into a dorm (seriously, UW owns the building) and I didn't feel that the smell of weed and hot pockets wafting through the halls was conducive to raising our little family. That being said we found a wonderful new space with triple the square footage and (wait for it...) a garage which for anyone who has lived in a city can pretty friggin' sweet:) Sooooo, long story short, we moved into said New Place and were without internet for like a whole week which really backlogged my blog stalking and writing. But have no fear we are back in action we may be surrounded by boxes and stacks of who knows what that need to find a home but Mr. Awesome and I are able to ignore it all in order to watch Modern Family on Hulu and...well...update the blog. Priorities, right?  

I love you internet,