Wednesday, February 10

Dear Ultrasound Technician,

You have one of the neatest jobs! Not only do you get to play with goo but you also get to be there for all those first glimpses of baby in utero. If that weren't enough for me to think you were cool you go and give me this..."Look's like we have a head stand" you said. But here's what I think...our little breakdancer was just caught mid windmill! I also forgive you Ultrasound Tech for not getting the little wave, obviously the breakdancing was more than enough. I should also say thanks for holding up our appointment so Mr. Awesome could make it...he was being extra cautious on the moped due to the rain.

You're neat...but not as neat as the baby:)


  1. Oh my gosh! This is craziness...

    Can you believe that little miracle is living inside of you?

  2. It is pretty amazing:) I kept looking at the picture thinking a little person is being knitted together inside of there, the only world it knows is me...that is pretty crazy:)