Thursday, February 4

Dear Internet,

It has been a little while and I sincerely apologize. In an effort to grow up a little Mr. Awesome and I decided that maybe Him, Me, Baby and Puppy should have a little bit more space than what was afforded by are wonderful little studio. That and our building was slowly but surely being turned into a dorm (seriously, UW owns the building) and I didn't feel that the smell of weed and hot pockets wafting through the halls was conducive to raising our little family. That being said we found a wonderful new space with triple the square footage and (wait for it...) a garage which for anyone who has lived in a city can pretty friggin' sweet:) Sooooo, long story short, we moved into said New Place and were without internet for like a whole week which really backlogged my blog stalking and writing. But have no fear we are back in action we may be surrounded by boxes and stacks of who knows what that need to find a home but Mr. Awesome and I are able to ignore it all in order to watch Modern Family on Hulu and...well...update the blog. Priorities, right?  

I love you internet,

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