Sunday, January 24

Super Sweet Sunday Fill in the Blank...

provided by the lovely Lauren at The Little Things We Do:

1. Today I am feeling ... a little nauseous which is also kind of my new normal:)

2. If I were you I'd ... take advantage of this rainy Sunday morning by having some toast and tea and cuddling with someone incredibly handsome (that's you Mr. Awesome)

3. Love is ... incredible and amazes me daily. It's one of those things that once you recognize it, you see it everywhere.

4. I always ... turn the lights off and close the closet doors (Mr. Awesome has some strange aversion to closing closet doors) ... before leaving the house.

5. I feel prettiest when ... Mr. Awesome looks at me in that way: little smile, head kind of cocked to the side all sorts of love and mischief going on:)

6. If I had a million dollars I'd ... get another puppy... after we got back from an incredibly long island hopping vacation of course!!

7. I'm looking forward to ... The Vikings/Saints game today!!

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