Friday, January 15


So last night I experienced one of the unfortunate side effects of my prenatal vitamins. Apparently the iron in those vitamins combined with the minimal amount of  water I consumed yesterday set me up for a very uncomfortable evening...and morning. 
HOLY CRAP!!! No pun...well maybe a little pun intended. 
I was in the restroom on two separate occasions for 30-45 minutes each time praying and wondering how many nurses I would have laughing at me for going to the hospital for constipation. Seriously though I felt like I was going to die and each time I left the restroom with absolutely no relief and minimal support from Mr. Awesome whose frequent bowel movements are legend. He did offer to come hold my hand but I make constant denial that I even go number two and sometimes even wait until he leaves the house to do clearly that was not going to happen. 
And what exactly is going to happen when I go into labor and an eight pound baby is trying to make its way out of a hole much much smaller!!
Anyway, so on my third set of rounds at 4:30 this morning I had the most horrific experience and then finally relief. I was so excited I woke Mr. Awesome up and he was incredibly excited as well. I couldn't contain my enthusiasm. I will be drinking liter after liter of water today...maybe a gallon of prune juice but I will not be doing that again. Not.


So maybe the "warning" wasn't super necessary but I don't make a point to talk about these kinds of things regularly so I felt it might be necessary.

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