Thursday, September 30

Week 7 in Review

So instead of updating Wednesday I frantically sat here trying to backup all my pictures before my computer decides to meltdown. My method was not to go chronologically but in order of importance; pictures of the munchkin obviously beat out pictures of meals I really enjoyed (I take an absurd number of food pictures). Mission accomplished!! Miss K's first two months are safely tucked far away from the impending death of my beloved Mac. That being said...on to Week 7!!

Miss K has been smiling a lot and not just one type of smile but a whole arsenal of gummy delights, including but not limited to: the in her sleep smile, the "yeah, I totally just went big potty" smile, the "oh my gosh there is no limit to the stupid faces you'll make to make me smile" smile, and the not quite a smile but I'll humor you smile (that's totally from me). Obviously I'll be assigning my own meaning until she tells me otherwise.

Miss K is testing her limits by way of catapulting her head all over the place and she seems to particularly enjoy doing it into my skull.  Just when I think she's coming in for a little cuddle BAM!!!
a full out assault on my brain.  On the other hand I'm incredibly amused that while her car seat can induce a full on meltdown, damage to her frontal lobe warrants no more than a look of surprise.

We dance and she loves it. Every morning we get up in time to watch VH1's Top 20 Countdown and we dance...From what I can gather Miss K has a low tolerance for 30 Seconds to Mars, Weezer and the Plain White T's. In terms of her likes, she seems to enjoy Paramore, Usher, Lady Antebellum and John Legend. But the song that gets the most response is Magic by B.O.B!

She burrows...I'm thinking of starting a photo series. Into your neck, armpit, the back of the couch, into her fist, her bassinet. I hope she's not trying to get away.

We went on our very first family vacay...yeah with a newborn!! I don't want to hear it!! and let me just say she was a dream (here's where you can curse me under your breath). I'm pretty sure traveling with a newborn is much easier than traveling with a toddler being that her favorite form of entertainment is my boobs. This week I will be putting up some baby travel tips being that it's my job to navigate that great behemoth of transportation that is the airport, plus I got a lot of great tips from a nurse friend.

So that's week 7 in a nutshell and as of now week 8 is going swimmingly.

later peeps:)

Tuesday, September 28

It's a pre-update:)

Because she's so friggin cute:)
and because I'm kind of tired...update to come tomorrow!

Friday, September 24

Fill in the blank friday

1.   In the story of my life the actor who would play me would be     pass? I have absolutely no idea. The thought of my life being a movie is too absurd to would definitely go straight to video.

2.  If I could change one thing about the world it would be      that problems would be solved ala Breakin'...I think a good Breakdancing Battle Royale is the way to go.

3.  Yesterday       was tiring...Miss K was protesting naps and being put down.

4.  My favorite comfort food is         I'm currently loving these garlic noodles over at Budget Bytes, I double the batch and eat them throughout the week (not exactly part of the Hot Body Contest:).

5.  My new favorite blog find is    I wouldn't call it new but I absolutely love Dear Lizzy. Liz's blog is full of crafty goodness, and it's just pretty.

6.  If I could meet any blog friend (who I haven't met yet) in real life, I'd choose to meet       I would love to meet Kate and Lydia over at Rants from Mommyland...they are constantly making me laugh out loud.

7.  My favorite breakfast food is       Fried potatoes, fried eggs, bacon (that pretty much screams that I come from a southern family)...although in light of recent weight developments (i.e. Miss K) I've been enjoying a lot of oatmeal and Kashi Go Lean.

A little Week 6 photo session

We had an incredibly busy week which would explain why my normal Tuesday update is making its first appearance on Friday. Miss K is also in this "if I go to sleep everyone is going to have fun without me" phase, that combined with her wanting to be carried around in order to get the whole 360 view is not conducive to updating.

 On the other hand she did help me with a massive pile of laundry:)

She only does socks though!!

Friday, September 17

fill in the blank friday

1.   When I get a day to myself I like to    (with a newborn I've been thinking about this a lot:) go to a hot yoga class, take a shower until the hot water runs out, grab a tea and a sun-dried tomato bagel (consume both while still hot), take a stroll through a couple bookstores and Anthropologie and then relax at home with my finds, have another cup of tea and watch some movie with a lot of choreographed dance routines.

2.  High school was.... high school years were neither wrought with teenage angst or a turning point in my life, high school was just typical:) Except for the fact that I went to boarding school in New England and I was the high school mascot...but otherwise--typical. 

3.  A little dream I have is  I don't have a lot of little dreams, they're all pretty grand. Maybe being able to look in the fridge and come up with something off the top of my head (oh, and have it be awesome). I pretty much always need a recipe.

4.  A big dream I have is       to completely gut and renovate a beach house in Belize where the fridge is always stocked, there are surfboards leaned against the side and there's always a house full of friends and family.

5.  If I could drive any car my pick would be     one that's paid off!! I'm really tough on cars so I really don't discriminate, maybe a tank.

6.  A time that I felt really and truly beautiful was   on my honeymoon, to be the center of Mr. Awesome's attention for a week with no distractions, walking on the beach, floating around in the pool, hair all crazy just the way he likes it.

7.  Tomorrow I will....   be hanging out with Miss K, everything else is up in the air. 

Tuesday, September 14

Five weeks and counting!!!

Miss Kaia is asleep right now...she talks in her sleep (some weird elf language), sometimes she pouts and sometimes, much to my delight, she smiles and laughs. Today at the Doctors office she was in her carrier pouting and I am not embarassed to say that I was too, it was a Business appointment and we should all know what "Business" with a capital B implies, but that's besides the point. On to more important-ness: 

What did Miss K accomplish in WEEK FIVE:

*there was one night where she contemplated sleeping for five hours, then she thought better of it and slept for like four hours and forty minutes. One point for the parents!!

*If pooping were a sport Miss K would be sponsored by Nike...I don't joke, because I on the other hand, if it were a sport, would not even get picked for the team. Damn you iron pills!!

*Speaking of poo (I do talk about it a lot)...Five points go to Miss K for: 
1. Being such a trooper while Momma changed her FIRST diaper
2. Waiting for Momma to finish snapping her back up before starting on #2
3. Waiting for #2 to be completely wiped up and Momma's finger to be mid-butt cream before smiling and letting #3 roll along...Thank you for that:)
4. Waiting for one side of the #3 diaper to be fastened up to start the grand finale!!!

What can I say, she has a flair for the dramatic.

*During tummy time she scoots. It's all legs of course and she seems oblivious to her face being smashed into the blanket, because of course she loves scooting too much to care. 

*She has neck rolls!!! God knows how much I love chubby babies and considering week one saw her weighing in at 5lbs 12oz I'm beside myself that she has little rolls. I on the other hand don't have the luxury of that being cute and while I have lost about forty pounds (it's not that impressive considering I gained a million pounds of water due to pre-eclampsia), it's almost time for the Hot Body Contest. More on HBC coming soon:)

*She has a great sense of humor developing!! I can tell because she guffaws, snorts, laughs, smiles and sometimes gives me that "you're ridiculous" look at all the right parts in my daily monologues to her. Sometimes she even falls asleep and my ego has to recover a little. I on the other hand  crack up when she growls, particularly when trying to eat Mr. Awesome's nose, not so much when she growls at my boobs, then I get a little nervous.

She's just pretty great...we love her, we'll probably keep her:)

Tuesday, September 7

What We're Loving: Week 4

We love:

The Baby Bjorn...because it's way more convenient than the stroller
The Pack and Play...bassinet, storage, changing table (in one) Oh My!!
A shower instead of a bath...she loves the sound and the constant stream
Sesame Street...I love that we can grow up on the same awesome show
When she laughs in her sleep
That she actually is fitting clothes now
Her growls and she has to be the most vocal sleeper ever