Tuesday, September 14

Five weeks and counting!!!

Miss Kaia is asleep right now...she talks in her sleep (some weird elf language), sometimes she pouts and sometimes, much to my delight, she smiles and laughs. Today at the Doctors office she was in her carrier pouting and I am not embarassed to say that I was too, it was a Business appointment and we should all know what "Business" with a capital B implies, but that's besides the point. On to more important-ness: 

What did Miss K accomplish in WEEK FIVE:

*there was one night where she contemplated sleeping for five hours, then she thought better of it and slept for like four hours and forty minutes. One point for the parents!!

*If pooping were a sport Miss K would be sponsored by Nike...I don't joke, because I on the other hand, if it were a sport, would not even get picked for the team. Damn you iron pills!!

*Speaking of poo (I do talk about it a lot)...Five points go to Miss K for: 
1. Being such a trooper while Momma changed her FIRST diaper
2. Waiting for Momma to finish snapping her back up before starting on #2
3. Waiting for #2 to be completely wiped up and Momma's finger to be mid-butt cream before smiling and letting #3 roll along...Thank you for that:)
4. Waiting for one side of the #3 diaper to be fastened up to start the grand finale!!!

What can I say, she has a flair for the dramatic.

*During tummy time she scoots. It's all legs of course and she seems oblivious to her face being smashed into the blanket, because of course she loves scooting too much to care. 

*She has neck rolls!!! God knows how much I love chubby babies and considering week one saw her weighing in at 5lbs 12oz I'm beside myself that she has little rolls. I on the other hand don't have the luxury of that being cute and while I have lost about forty pounds (it's not that impressive considering I gained a million pounds of water due to pre-eclampsia), it's almost time for the Hot Body Contest. More on HBC coming soon:)

*She has a great sense of humor developing!! I can tell because she guffaws, snorts, laughs, smiles and sometimes gives me that "you're ridiculous" look at all the right parts in my daily monologues to her. Sometimes she even falls asleep and my ego has to recover a little. I on the other hand  crack up when she growls, particularly when trying to eat Mr. Awesome's nose, not so much when she growls at my boobs, then I get a little nervous.

She's just pretty great...we love her, we'll probably keep her:)

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