Thursday, September 30

Week 7 in Review

So instead of updating Wednesday I frantically sat here trying to backup all my pictures before my computer decides to meltdown. My method was not to go chronologically but in order of importance; pictures of the munchkin obviously beat out pictures of meals I really enjoyed (I take an absurd number of food pictures). Mission accomplished!! Miss K's first two months are safely tucked far away from the impending death of my beloved Mac. That being said...on to Week 7!!

Miss K has been smiling a lot and not just one type of smile but a whole arsenal of gummy delights, including but not limited to: the in her sleep smile, the "yeah, I totally just went big potty" smile, the "oh my gosh there is no limit to the stupid faces you'll make to make me smile" smile, and the not quite a smile but I'll humor you smile (that's totally from me). Obviously I'll be assigning my own meaning until she tells me otherwise.

Miss K is testing her limits by way of catapulting her head all over the place and she seems to particularly enjoy doing it into my skull.  Just when I think she's coming in for a little cuddle BAM!!!
a full out assault on my brain.  On the other hand I'm incredibly amused that while her car seat can induce a full on meltdown, damage to her frontal lobe warrants no more than a look of surprise.

We dance and she loves it. Every morning we get up in time to watch VH1's Top 20 Countdown and we dance...From what I can gather Miss K has a low tolerance for 30 Seconds to Mars, Weezer and the Plain White T's. In terms of her likes, she seems to enjoy Paramore, Usher, Lady Antebellum and John Legend. But the song that gets the most response is Magic by B.O.B!

She burrows...I'm thinking of starting a photo series. Into your neck, armpit, the back of the couch, into her fist, her bassinet. I hope she's not trying to get away.

We went on our very first family vacay...yeah with a newborn!! I don't want to hear it!! and let me just say she was a dream (here's where you can curse me under your breath). I'm pretty sure traveling with a newborn is much easier than traveling with a toddler being that her favorite form of entertainment is my boobs. This week I will be putting up some baby travel tips being that it's my job to navigate that great behemoth of transportation that is the airport, plus I got a lot of great tips from a nurse friend.

So that's week 7 in a nutshell and as of now week 8 is going swimmingly.

later peeps:)

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