Friday, October 1

Fill in the blank friday

1.   True happiness is       Slobbery kisses from Miss K, tangled legs with Mr. Awesome and hot tea.

2.  The most surreal moment of my life was   These past two years!! Getting married, finding our pup, moving three times and having a baby! Whew, I'm tired just typing it.

3.  My favorite texture is       "the touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric of our lives" I love the feel of  plain Hanes T's and undershirts on  Mr Awesome, especially when they've gotten super soft over time.

4.  My signature color is    grey...It's pretty much my favorite neutral.

5.  My signature style is     I have no style, Really. I seek out jobs with uniforms so that I never have to put together appropriate business attire.

6.  If I could choose one store to spend my life savings at, it would be       However, even with my own personal lack of style I do have decent taste and would love to spend a truckload of money at Anthropologie and Ruche.

7.  My best thing about autumn is        School Supplies!!! When Target rolls out those huge bargain bins of crayons and notebooks and markers I am beside myself. I think it is quite possible that one day I may make an appearance on Hoarders for my obsession with binders, Pilot G2 extra fine point pens and dividers. 

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