Tuesday, October 5

already week eight!!

So "fill in the blank friday" started me thinking about these last couple years and all the big things that have changed (i.e. being blessed with a husband, a dog, and a baby) and how just my normal day-to-day is so incredibly are some of the things and scenarios that come to mind:

1. Let's say there's no food in the house:
Single Me: go out to sushi, or have a Whole Foods deli extravaganza, call and ask mom if she's cooked and if not will she make pork chops
Married Me: defer to Mr. Awesome who asks, "is there rice and Kimchi?" because if there is then there is always food in the house (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)
Momma Me: at least Miss K has food, ask Mr. Awesome if he wants to split a burrito

*going to the grocery is the last thing that crosses my mind being that it requires the most amount of effort

2. My favorite way to kill time, bumming around the bookstore
Single Me: used to go to the bookstore several times a week and would purchase a magazine, a book, and a tea all in one visit!!
Married Me: defers to Mr. Awesome who says (when he's willing to go with me) "I'll be at       the comics." When I come to find him, tea in hand, he asks "don't we have tea at home?"
Momma Me: while driving by I contemplate going into the bookstore but Miss K is taking a much needed nap, maybe I'll get some tea at the drive-thru and take a spin around the park.

3. Taking naps
Single Me: all the time
Married Me: all the time tangled up with Mr. Awesome
Momma Me: all the time with Miss K during the week and usually one luxurious one with my whole little fam on the weekend.

There are quite a few more little changes, the big ones require little explanation, but Miss K is looking super kissable at the moment so I'm off.


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