Tuesday, October 26

so we walk...

Normally Miss K is a doll and her and I stick to somewhat of a schedule. On the rare occasion that she is unconsolable, doesn't want to take a nap, is under or overstimulated or we just need to get out of the house...we walk. Now I've never been the type to say, "hey let's take a walk." I've assured myself that I can't walk fast enough to convince myself I'm actually going somewhere and therefore I would much rather go for a run or maybe just hop in the car, you know, cover some distance. But Miss K likes to walk so we bundle ourselves up, strap into the baby carrier or stroller, grab Mayapolis and head out for a stroll. 

She loves it!! Her eyes get big and she turns her head from left to right and up and down just taking it all in. I can't help but pause at all the things that, if it weren't for Miss K, I would walk right by. I'm beginning to realize that the opportunity to just "take a walk" with no motive other than spending time with my daughter is actually quite a luxury:)

So now that the weather has taken a turn I feel that Miss K and I may need appropriate attire...
rainy day

Maybe a little something for Miss Mayapolis Papaya as well...

Here's to rainy day walks with the one's you love!

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