Monday, June 27

a note on moving

Dear Miss K,
I know without a doubt that the road map of your life will take you all over the world. Between your daddy and I we’ve covered quite a few bases ourselves and look forward to showing you as much of this great big, beautiful place as possible before you strike out on your own adventures. However, having moved around myself I know how important it is to know where you’ve been, if only because it makes your story that much more compelling. So my beautiful little girl let me tell you a little about where your adventure began.

Your story began in a little house, under a big Magnolia tree, on a street called Oakes. Now this may not be one of the great wonders of the world but I assure you that there was many an Everest for you to conquer in that little space. You were so little, and not just baby little, but just under six pounds little. On the day we brought you home we made the three minute drive from the hospital to the house and all of a sudden we were on our own with a baby and this place that had just been a house quickly became a nest as we hunkered down and settled into the rhythms of being three. Every single day you grew, not just in size but more amusingly in personality and this little house was your playground and classroom.

So I hope one day when you’re older you’ll see a picture of this house, and be able to say...
this is where I....
learned to crawl and just as quickly walk
judo chop while flying through the air
got that little scar on my forehead from a confrontation with a coffee table
said Momma (FIRST...regardless of what daddy says)
hid in the Magnolia tree with daddy...momma was not amused
ate just about everything
projectile vomited
was rocked to sleep to the sounds of the rain outside my parents window
got my first four teeth, started to bite!!
predominately slept in mom and dad’s bed (horizontally), never mind the perfectly good crib
loved and was loved on a million times a day
climbed stairs, the coffee table, and had absolutely no respect for the edge

(this is just a few of a long list of firsts)

I know that years from now this house will be buried somewhere deep in your subconcious memory. It will be overshadowed, no doubt, by the amazing people, places and things that will undoubtedly surround you or maybe the current challenges you may be facing. I also know it was just a place, but everyones story starts somewhere and this was yours. A little house, under a big Magnolia tree, on a street called Oakes where you learned to conquer giants because you were fearless, because you had absolutely no concept of failure and because you already knew we would be there to catch you. Three things i hope you will always carry with you from this little house.

your momma

Monday, June 6

a first

For the holiday weekend (yeah I'm behind)our little posse headed down to Portland to visit family and relax, well Miss K and I relaxed and Mr. Awesome did a crap-ton (an actual unit of measurement) of work. In order to avoid distracting him, which happens to be one of my greatest joys, my step-mom and I took both Miss K and my niece to the Portland Zoo.

The weather and the little ones were both perfect and we enjoyed a few hours walking around and looking at all the exhibits. I didn't expect much of a reaction from Miss K considering how little she is but she was super talkative and wanted to touch everything.

here are some highlights...
1.) elephants are typically my favorite animal at the zoo and the Portland Zoo didn't disappoint with two babies running around. 2.) we agreed that this was a favorite stop, the lighting makes them look so graceful and majestic. 3.) Clearly my niece was in awe. 4.) Holy telephoto lens Batman.
5.) There were two hippos making the rounds, all glossy and burly. 6.) My niece and her Nana 7.) Miss K and I baby bjorned it up the whole time:) She was such a trooper 8.) Who doesn't like a cow, Miss K wanted to climb into all the pens at the petting zoo.
9.) The African Safari exhibit was in full effect, with pretty much all the animals out and about. 10.) This guy was just munching away, perfect for a photo-op 11.) Obviously the Northwest part of the zoo has to represent and on this particular day it was the most packed part of the whole place. 12.) How every good day at the zoo should end:)

Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 2

look who it is

this blog has been hijacked by Lady P and I intend to give an account of my experience with/and leading up to, rice cereal.

1. As you may have assumed I have been on a very strict liquid diet for the past 5ish months and let me tell you liquid diets aren't for everyone. People (I won't mention names) cook upwards of three meals a day of cereal, sandwiches, pizza, steaks!!! But do I get any....NO!! They like to make me think that it's because I'm lacking in the teeth department but lets keep it real, I would gum a steak to death.

2. The next step was to lay the groundwork for my foray into food. I did this by constantly gnawing on my hands whenever my parents were eating. This combined with a steady stream of drool and a little glassy eye did just the trick. Well let's be honest it took them a minute to put it all together (they may be teachers but sometimes I wonder). Needless to say, I was ready, the date was set.

3. Apparently a utensil was needed, I was given one purely for photographic purposes. I would not be allowed to drive.
4. I was nervous. What if it tasted like rotten oysters? and what do oysters even taste like?

5. It was pleasant, in a milky sort of way. My review: it was not horrible, must try again!!

6. However, it definitely was no steak!!