Thursday, June 2

look who it is

this blog has been hijacked by Lady P and I intend to give an account of my experience with/and leading up to, rice cereal.

1. As you may have assumed I have been on a very strict liquid diet for the past 5ish months and let me tell you liquid diets aren't for everyone. People (I won't mention names) cook upwards of three meals a day of cereal, sandwiches, pizza, steaks!!! But do I get any....NO!! They like to make me think that it's because I'm lacking in the teeth department but lets keep it real, I would gum a steak to death.

2. The next step was to lay the groundwork for my foray into food. I did this by constantly gnawing on my hands whenever my parents were eating. This combined with a steady stream of drool and a little glassy eye did just the trick. Well let's be honest it took them a minute to put it all together (they may be teachers but sometimes I wonder). Needless to say, I was ready, the date was set.

3. Apparently a utensil was needed, I was given one purely for photographic purposes. I would not be allowed to drive.
4. I was nervous. What if it tasted like rotten oysters? and what do oysters even taste like?

5. It was pleasant, in a milky sort of way. My review: it was not horrible, must try again!!

6. However, it definitely was no steak!!

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