Monday, June 6

a first

For the holiday weekend (yeah I'm behind)our little posse headed down to Portland to visit family and relax, well Miss K and I relaxed and Mr. Awesome did a crap-ton (an actual unit of measurement) of work. In order to avoid distracting him, which happens to be one of my greatest joys, my step-mom and I took both Miss K and my niece to the Portland Zoo.

The weather and the little ones were both perfect and we enjoyed a few hours walking around and looking at all the exhibits. I didn't expect much of a reaction from Miss K considering how little she is but she was super talkative and wanted to touch everything.

here are some highlights...
1.) elephants are typically my favorite animal at the zoo and the Portland Zoo didn't disappoint with two babies running around. 2.) we agreed that this was a favorite stop, the lighting makes them look so graceful and majestic. 3.) Clearly my niece was in awe. 4.) Holy telephoto lens Batman.
5.) There were two hippos making the rounds, all glossy and burly. 6.) My niece and her Nana 7.) Miss K and I baby bjorned it up the whole time:) She was such a trooper 8.) Who doesn't like a cow, Miss K wanted to climb into all the pens at the petting zoo.
9.) The African Safari exhibit was in full effect, with pretty much all the animals out and about. 10.) This guy was just munching away, perfect for a photo-op 11.) Obviously the Northwest part of the zoo has to represent and on this particular day it was the most packed part of the whole place. 12.) How every good day at the zoo should end:)

Happy Monday!


  1. I was thinking about you yesterday. When's the big Hawaii move? Chris and I have been talking about a Honolulu trip, his grandma lives there. Where would you live....and why are you moving?

  2. We'll be living on Oahu as well...there are a few reasons for the move but the big one is my mr. finishing his MBA at University of Hawaii:) We will have to have a date if you guys head out:)