Thursday, January 21

Dear Best Friend,

Oh yeah you know who you are. Have you gone completely bonkers? So just a couple days ago you call to tell me you're going to be gone for a couple days. Cool. Maybe we'll hang out this weekend. That is a kind, considerate friend thing to do. You didn't have to...but you're just awesome like that. BUT!!!! You don't think to call and double check the date for the birth of my first child before you schedule your month long trip to another country? "Oh yeah!! When are you due again?" You say, "Four days before we get back? Well we'll be sure to be here for the next one then." Well thank you for the consolation prize.
Don't fret, you're not blacklisted because I know you'll make it up and I'm clinging to the idea that you didn't blatantly do it to be away from my whining. Or did you? 

Nonetheless I still love you and I want New Zealand-y stuff,

Best friend's husband, like I said, you are not allowed to make excuses or allowances until you have an equally painful, scary and life-altering experience for which your best friend is traipsing around New Zealand.

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  1. Dear Author of blog,
    We are so sorry to have caused such consternation and concern. We (meaning I) had no idea that a best friend was even required at the birth of a child. We (meaning I) figured that since the 2 of you caused this wee problem in the first place, you 2 would like to share that moment alone. However I have discovered that we (meaning I) were wrong and we apologize. Would it help you to know that we got an awesome deal on tickets and could only do it at this time?? I did not think so...well, we shall bring you back lots of things, and even a small baby "kiwi" costume so your offspring can dress like an endangered bird :-)