Monday, February 8

Dear Baby,

You had your first appointment a few days ago and it was super...well mostly super. I thought that we were just going in to check your heartbeat and unfortunately wasn't aware that Dr. Hitchcock (cool...I know:) and her sidekick were gonna be all up in my Business. Oh Yes!! I did capitalize Business which I feel eliminates the need to elaborate, but I will! These appointments are something we need to know about in advance, so we can mentally prepare ourselves. I myself like to wear knee high socks so that I can retain some semblance of modesty. Which, as many of you may know, is incredibly difficult while in stirrups. There's also the added bonus of being told to relax but honestly who can relax when they're spread eagle, bare butt hanging off the edge of a table. Maybe it's just me but that's not how I sit around and watch TV. Ummmm, so apparently I got off track. I forgot I was writing to you Baby:) And since I'm almost positive you're not a girl you can be thankful that you will never have to deal with the aforementioned right of passage. You can also be assured that your mother is an oversharer...but not half as bad as your dad (seriously, it's legend). Just know that while we will embarass you we still love you very much.


Your heartbeat is super fast and strong and probably the most amazing thing I have ever heard in my life. 

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