Saturday, February 6

Dear Saturday,

You are the loveliest of all the days of the week!! Mr. Awesome and I get to sleep in together and then I get to watch Super Nanny in my under-roos while simultaneously drinking tea and eating nachos* for breakfast (yeah...still pregnant:). As if all of that wasn't awesome enough we also get to go pick up a moped for Mr. Awesome to go with his new super cool Speed Racer helmet and I officially get to pick up some maternity clothes because while I like hanging out in my roos,  I don't like when it's because the only pair of pants that still fit are in the dryer. Because, Saturday, you are so awesome we may or may not get to any of these things but we will surely make time for a nap and to be thankful for making it through another week. 

happy day, 

*if you think about it nachos are a spectacular breakfast food: carbs (chips, good ones), dairy (low-moisture part skim mozzarella and sour cream), protein (from my black beans), and fruits and veggies (avocado and corn). That's What's Up:)

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