Saturday, June 5

Dear Nursery,

You are in absolute disarray, which is actually in keeping with the rest of our place. Having combined our belongings and moving three times in the the little over a year we've been married, I'd have to say that our current style could be summed up as "transitory." So unfortunately you, sad little nursery, have suffered the most. That will be changing very soon (hopefully), due to the fact that your complete lack of personality and function is making me anxious. I had to have Mr. Awesome put together the crib just to impart a sense of purpose, there are also several hideous paint options on the wall and a mishmash of baby stuff thrown around with no particular method to the madness. However, we have a plan: 


Royce is the elephants name and the crib was an awesome gift from my mom


These inspirational photos along with an ambitious list of DIY projects should make for an eventful few weeks and hopefully a room that looks less like a self-storage facility.  Finally here is a picture of Mr. Awesome gathering up his energy and dreaming of all the awesome projects we get to do:)

Bye for now little nursery, 

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