Monday, December 6

holiday limbo

It is officially December 6th and we have yet to get our Christmas tree, so I officially feel like I'm missing a little twinkle in my life. Our intention had been to get one this weekend but...well let's be honest, it's football season and we're lazy. On a side note I could have saved myself some tears had I just ran screaming after the first half of the Civil War game (for those who are unaware that's the Oregon State/Oregon rivalry). My poor Beavs!!! Sore subject, moving back to the tree. Hopefully we will find our perfect tree tonight along with the perfect photos for this wall which is incredibly depressing in it's current state, exhibit A
Sad...I know!!

However, all is not lost. I decided to whip up a little treat with my friends garland and high-gauge flower wire...
because who couldn't use a little more joy in their life...
Now to find a place to hang it:)

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