Thursday, December 2

even i can tie a knot

So remember this...
the fabric, not Miss K. Well I got this for 50% off and then stumbled upon this tutorial by the lovely Elise Blaha on the just as lovely site A Beautiful Mess by Elsie (yeah I do alot of stumbling). 

so with that lovely fabric and a solid green too, a wire hanger ("No wire hangers!!!" pardon me), some scissors, and two nap times for the lady and I got this awesomeness...
and it was soooo easy that I was feeling ambitious and did this...
WHAT!!! Not to pat my own back but...I'm kind of on a roll (assuming  you ignore that completely blank wall). Yay for easy holiday craftiness and napping babies!!

*added tip*
Do not do this on the living room carpet right after your husband has vacuumed 
he may not be amused 
even if you have finally both started and finished a project
he still not may not be amused
tell him you'll make it up to him...and let him just run with that:)


  1. love this!!! i wanted to make one myself, but chris has told me i'm not allowed to make anymore wreaths since we have 4 christmas wreaths already. i'm secretly hoping one gets ruined so i can make this one.

    great job!!!


  2. Thanks:) you can never have too many wreaths though..challenge Chris to a wreath-off whoever ties all their strips on the fastest wins a prize and you win two new wreaths!!

  3. Love Beautiful Mess! You should look at her friend's site too - Smile and Wave. Super cute girl with super cute kiddoes