Friday, December 10

fill in the blank friday

1. I wish I could clean my house like Mary Poppins, much more efficient for me and infinitely more amusing for Miss K and the pup.

2. Yesterday I and Miss K bummed around the house and played on our heated carpet...what!! you don't have one? well if you have hardwood or laminate floors but love lounging about on the carpet this will change your life...and your dogs
3. Today I will have a gym date with Mr. Awesome which will conclude with a dip in the hot tub...which if you know me is a big deal considering I am anti-public swimming holes (and typically public showers as well)...I'm starting to break out in hives just thinking about it .

4. Tomorrow I will wake-up dark and early and probably go work on my December Daily with the bestie...who is due in just over a week, YAY!!!!

5. Maybe we'll go and do some window shopping and christmas light gawking in Seattle.

6. Someday SUPER CHEESY but I would love to take Miss K and my nieces and nephews to Disneyworld at Christmas to see all the lights and parades, their faces would be priceless.

7. I love hot tea in the morning, my super hot husband, my super cute puppy and of course this lady

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  1. I just can't figure out WHY you would be anti- public bathing? Oh yes, I remember the story from Dixon...or the 5 stories from Dixon...Me too friend, meee too.