Wednesday, January 5

new plot to take over the world!!

Just kidding.
(although I would like to have a wouldn't necessarily need to be evil)

In all seriousness though, for 2011 Mr. Awesome and I have decided on several words that we want to shape our year...

because let's be honest, everyone could use a little more and we are no exception. We could definitely have a little more discipline when it comes to our budget. For example, living a block away from all those Thursday, Friday, Saturday night hot spots is absolutely no excuse to blow our eating out budget (x10). Also now that Miss K can do her comedy routines in the gym daycare I'll will no longer be able to claim her as my excuse for missing a workout.
confidence or the lack of plays out in so many areas of my life it's crazy. I really hope to embrace and have confidence in the roles that God has put me, particularly as a wife and mother. I also know that having body confidence carries a huge weight too. Now that I have Miss K I want her to grow up with a mother who has a healthy body image, who isn't constantly picking herself apart or always aspiring to some unrealistic ideal. How I see myself has stopped me from really enjoying a lot of things in life, that is something I intend to change.
this is huge for me because I am an idea person, a heat of the moment person, an all systems go person but rarely a follow through person. There is evidence all around our house of half-finished projects, there is evidence all over this very computer of half-written plots and story treatments and there are notebooks upon notebooks of dreams and plans and designs of things I have wanted and still want but I haven't made the steps to get me there. This year some of those things (big and small) will be coming to fruition.
because who doesn't want to be extraordinary!!
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  1. love the ideas of picking words for the year!

    anna :)

  2. proud of you kimiko! awesome ideas.