Monday, January 31

where the heck did January go?

Oh January, you have come and gone so quickly. I'm happy to say that in our little corner of the world we haven't strayed to far from our words for the year. I know that typically people have already abandoned their resolutions by this point, but we're still holding steady. GO TEAM!!

In other (yet semi-related) news, Mr. Awesome and I have signed up for this madness...

It's a race with all sorts of obstacles along the way, including but not limited to, jumping through fire and wading through mud. Even though it's not until this summer we are super excited and I'm even more excited to be doing it with my Mr. I'm thinkin' we need to dress-up, or at least make some awesome t-shirts!

We also welcomed a recent addition to the fam, and since I am particularly fond of naming inanimate objects I should reveal that her name is Reba...our new camera. Reba is lovely and kinda has a crush on Miss K (which I completely understand). Here are a couple from our first day out and about...
I feel that these pictures make two things very obvious:
1. Reba is a super sweet step-up from my old point and shoot
2. Miss K is wearing that hat until it falls apart!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend...HAPPY MONDAY!

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