Tuesday, February 1

x's and o's

So I have some very Valentine-y plans for the month of February the first of which is a free 28 day class over at Willette Designs...
once you enroll in the class you will receive daily prompts, inspiration, and tips to help you document your loved ones over the course of the month. I figured this was perfect timing considering I'm still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles on Miss Reba.

Also over at Willette she has these awesome Valentines templates for photoshop which I may be inclined to send out too...
maybe a Miss K and Miss Mayapolis Papaya (she's been missing from the blog) photoshoot is in order:)

1 comment:

  1. Your child is the cutest thing ON THE PLANET. Also, I wish I had my own Reba. Also, I still LOOOOVE your blog. Also, I NEVER SEE YOUUUUU!! xoxo -Celina-