Monday, February 28

the return

So obviously I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus and here's why:

1. The month of February found our whole house over/under/in the middle of the weather. First Mr. Awesome got sick and because we took a vow to share everything he decided to get me sick too. After nearly two weeks of yuckiness we were thanking our lucky stars that Miss K was not even remotely phased. Apparently our stars aren't that lucky after all. I don't think there's anything as sad as a sick baby. Thankfully she didn't get too bad at least that's what the doctor said after four phone calls (one during her families drive home from vacation...yeah she's awesome) and one visit to the clinic. She was just super congested. The upside of her being a little sicklet (don't judge me) was that she was super cuddly...this child is not a cuddler at all normally so it was kind of sweet to be able to comfort her. Which leads me to...
2. There used to be a time that Miss K took lovely long naps and was relatively limited in her movement. This resulted in her being easily entertained and confined to a relatively small area of the house. That is no longer the case. SHE IS MOBILE!!! and currently eating the case to my New Moon dvd, yesterday it was Maya's rubber bone, tomorrow I'm sure it will be the baseboards. Just yesterday she was standing up rifling through her book collection, only after she terrorized the dog from the pilot seat of her walker. Oh yeah and the battle that is changing her diaper has been lost. After one particularly aggressive confrontation I ceded and allowed her to escape onto the carpet bare-bottomed...she quickly marked her territory by relieving herself.
3. I don't know that I'll ever be a good housewife due to my increasingly short attention span. I try to keep up with the laundry, groceries, cleaning and misc. household-y things but we have a puppy and a heated carpet in the living room and an incredibly amusing daughter and a Netflix subscription and a new camera that all plot against my productivity. I really should work on this.
4. With winter continuing to rear it's obnoxiously cold head we are getting increasingly stir crazy...point and case I just grabbed a fussy Miss K and ran up and down the stairs a couple times singing Firework by Katy Perry (did I mention that there's a little more emphasis on the crazy!

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