Tuesday, March 1

two year anniversa-brownies

Today is Mr. Awesome and my two year anniversary. It's actually the the two year anniversary of our wedding day but legally we were married on February 27th. We decided that we should always celebrate both. So with that in mind the Mr. took over the 27th. It was an awesome day!! After church my mom took Miss K while we went and enjoyed a cookie and some quiet time at the bookstore, afterwards he had gotten us tickets to the Glass Museum...
there was a great exhibit of kid designed pieces. The kids were able to draw all these creatures and write brief descriptions about what they do like "shoot laycer beems" and then they would actually create the creatures out of glass. It was a super fun trip and it was followed by a late lunch at Stanley and Seaforts with this view...
Our server was lovely and followed our meal with a complimentary creme brulee (which happened to be the best I've had...and not just because it was free.)

Today was up to me and it was definitely more low-key due to work and school. I made some special anniversa-brownies served with Tillamook strawberry ice cream and a meal of fancy meat-loaf and sauteed asparagus. Hopefully, after Miss K heads off to bed we will be able to relax with a glass of wine and talk about how much we've crammed into these two short years and how excited we are about all the plans we have in the works.

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  1. Congratulations! I want to see the heart shaped brownies.