Wednesday, March 30

birthday extravaganza pt.2

Tuesday (otherwise known as the day of reckoning) Miss K was the first to give me birthday kisses and also sleep in until 8 which is incredibly rare, Yay for birthday sleep!!! and yay for birthday breakfast with my two favorite peeps..
a late breakfast was just a short walk away at Shakabrah where I went for a classic combo that hit the spot:)

Later that night we headed to Ravenous to meet with our friends Jamille and Steve for a little dinner. One neat thing about this place (besides the GroupOn from my brother and sister-in-law) is that the walls are lined with corks signed by customers.
The Mr. and I split a delicious pizza and Jamille and Steve got me an awesome bottle of wine and a book of zombie love songs respectively:) The zombie thing is another post for another time but suffice to say that I have a very irrational fear.

Also while down in that part of town I took this funky picture of Mr. Awesome that I love...
all in all my birthday was absolutely lovely and I'm looking forward to a crazy 30th year. Stay tuned for my 30@30 reveal.

Hope everyone's having a great week!


  1. happy birthday!! love all of your recent pics of miss k...she is a doll!

    xo monica

  2. thanks lady...i look forward to lots of little Cohen pics:)