Thursday, March 24

she get it from her momma

When I was pregnant with Miss K I made a point to fall asleep just about everywhere and in some inappropriate situations (sorry to those of you whose talking lulled me to sleep). Since I was pregnant during the summer one of my favorite places to fall asleep was in the channel of sunlight that slipped in through the sliding glass door at both my house and my in-laws, as well under the picture window at my mom's. I would curl up, pregnant belly and all, right there on the floor and just pass out.
The truth is I've always loved to bask, cat like, in this warm indirect summer light and distinctly remember doing it as a child as well. Today I watched Miss K slowly do her little monkey crawl to that narrow slice of sun (what a tease, considering there's snow in the forecast next week) that found its way to our door. You'll have to ignore the dirtier than sin sliding door, I assure you it's from the dog and on the outside. But Miss K just looked so content in that moment basking in her little ray of light that I had to capture it (dirty window and all). After the pictures I sat down beside her and we made faces at each other until the sun dipped behind a cloud and the reality of having things to do crept back in.
I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for all the people, all the sliding doors and all the rays of sunlight that have blessed my life. I am also thankful for this precious moment with Miss K and for knowing that while she may look just like her daddy, this is one thing she gets from her momma.
Hoping some sunshine has made it's way into your day:)

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  1. How cute!
    Looks like a good spot to nap.
    She's so so adorable and beautiful! I love her smile in that second last one she looks so content! hehe :o)