Sunday, March 20

a day at the park

Our Miss Mayapolis Papaya has recently been putting on some weight due to dreary weather and sheer laziness on our part. Apparently, since becoming real parents our puppy parenting has gone downhill. However, Saturday proved to be a great opportunity to at least begin to make amends, not to mention it was beautiful and dry (but still cold). We picked up my mom and Miss Romy Plum (Maya's chief antagonist in life) and headed to the park.

I had forgotten how awesome our local park was and it appeared that everyone else was taking the opportunity to get their fat puppies out too. The park was packed and Miss K had a blast watching the chaos from her perch. Our little trip also provided the perfect chance to take Miss K's bear suit out for one last spin. just one more thing this sprout has grown out of as of late.

Hope you all had a great Saturday

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