Wednesday, March 16

every little inch

After putting Miss K to bed tonight I took note of the Johnny Jumper I had to push to the side in order to get to my room to change into my own pj's.

I then walked downstairs and proceeded to fold her activity quilt and put away her toys in the bin stored under our coffee table.

After that I grabbed the clothes she wore today off the arm of the couch and while walking to throw them in the laundry I navigated her walker with my foot to it's parking spot by the bookcase.

Finally I replaced her canister of sweet potato snacks on the counter with a tea cup, turned my water on to boil and I looked around.

In just seven short months this little person has worked her way into every corner of our world, it's as if there was always a place for her. That she was always supposed to be here...on this earth, in this home, and in our hearts. I guess what I'm ultimately trying to say is that God is amazing and every day I am blessed by the light that is this little girl.

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