Monday, March 28

birthday extravaganza pt.1

So Mr. Awesome informed me that since I'll be celebrating a milestone birthday on Tuesday I get a whole birthday week!! Who knew:) The birthday festivities kicked off Saturday with a trip to The Crab Pot...thanks Ma!!
We ate sooo much and Miss K had a blast throwing potatoes on the floor.
after a huge lunch of crab, shrimp, sausage, potatoes and a strawberry rhubarb dessert...I actually went to the gym!! What can I say, I had to make room for dinner which was at one of our favorite restaurants called The Red House
we were joined by some of the usual suspects (thanks rob, shoni, crystal and evan for being awesome) which made our evening even more enjoyable...we talked about some of our highlights from being tweny-somethings.

Sunday gave way to even more birthday related feasts when we headed over to my in-laws for TteokGuk soup. The soup is traditionally made for New Years but I'm so in love with it that my mother-in-law brought it to the hospital the day after I had Miss K and then also made it for my birthday this's a picture and recipe from Aeri's Kitchen...
I would have taken a picture of my own but by the time I remembered the only thing left to see was the bottom of the bowl.

As if all of that wasn't enough we finished the night with a steak dinner at my best friends house!! It's apparent that everyone knows that food is my favorite gift and what better way to celebrate than to have great food, amazing family and awesome friends to share it with...and it's not over...there are more meals planned throughout the week culminating with a trip down to Portland on Thursday.

It's kind of crazy that I'm leaving my twenties but if i have to go this is definitely the way to do it.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday... one day early! And because I always think your birthday should be the 28th.

  2. What about the shoes

  3. happy birthday beautiful! im glad your being spoiled you deserve it!