Wednesday, December 1

let the madness begin

Happy December 1st!! My goal for the month is to try to remain calm (stop skipping yoga), limit the sweets (so as not to feel guilty about skipping yoga), and to try and be super organized. I feel like I'm starting on the right foot by getting a head start on my holiday shopping with a little help from these babies...
You see I'm the type of person who has to have a list in order to be remotely productive otherwise I come home with a million things I don't need but minus the one thing that I actually went to find (before I do anything Mr. Awesome asks if I've written out my plan)...I'm like a cat distracted by shiny things, therefore I need a taskmaster along for the ride. You can print out your own copies of these nifty lists over here at A Typical Type A.

There's also a whole array of craftiness going on all over the web including my friend Monica doing 18 (ambitious) days of Christmas Crafts, Ali Edwards annual December Daily awesomeness (which I'm a little behind on already) and tons of free printables like this...
from Eighteen25.

Also, if you couldn't tell, Miss K is very into this whole Santa thing:) Check back tomorrow to see what I did with that awesome fabric she's lounging on.


  1. Love the link to the subway art! I think it's just what hubby & I have been looking for! Thanks!
    xo anna

  2. no problem! I was pretty excited too:)