Monday, November 29

because i love a good dance sequence

I have made it quite clear that I am a huge fan of movies with blatantly choreographed dance numbers and subpar acting, they genuinely make me happy. With the release of Burlesque I've been inspired me to come up with my top ten dance movies (in no particular order of awesomeness):

phenomenal vocals, pretty costumes, acting that was surprisingly adequate...I loved it

Breakin' and Breakin' 2
while I find Breakin' 2 to be infinitely better than the first both are leaders in the genre and I stand by the idea that all wars in the world should be settled in a breakin' battle. 

Dirty Dancing
when I was little I wore this VHS out from watching it so much and when I was done my step-dad would get down on his knees and let me run up to him just like Baby did in the finale. He'd lift me in the air and spin me around and I would be practically beside myself with excitement. Also let's not forget the best dance movie line ever, "nobody puts Baby in the corner."

You Got Served
the acting in this movie is absolutely horrendous thank God for B2K and the battle royale

Center Stage
before I saw this movie ballet wasn't even on my radar (I actually fell asleep in The Nutcracker, twice). This movie has the best dance to teen angst ratio.

although not technically a dance movie the choreography in this is awesome and probably one of the few things that Nick Cannon has ever done right.

Stomp the Yard
if you can't make it to a real life step show here is a great intro with consistent dance action throughout.

Step Up 2: The Streets
much like Breakin' 2 I find this sequel to be infinitely better than it's predecessor due to the fact that I don't think Channing Tatum can dance. I am also particularly fond of the finale because I think that there is only one thing that can make a dance sequence more awesome and that is doing it in the rain.

Even though the majority of the dance numbers in this movie are done by a dance double Jennifer Beals still had a lot of style. I also have a special place in my heart for this movie because she is bi-racial and so am I and as a kid I thought she made it cool.

having looked back through my list it's obvious that I'm not particularly fond of the broadway classics and am clearly more into the battles and rebellion:) I should also note that one of the reasons I knew Mr. Awesome and I were meant to be was because we both owned (and prominently displayed) copies of both Breakin' and Breakin' 2!!


  1. I Love Center Stage!! Great choices!

  2. What about the less dancing, more singing masterpieces? Sister Act? Sister Act 2 (WITH Lauryn Hill thank you very much) Moulin Rouge, and here's how low I go for some cheesy musical fun - High School musical? 1, 2 AND 3? We are fans of cheesiness here as well.

  3. or the even more cheesy Camp Rock!! You're right though I do love me some Sister Act 2:)