Monday, November 8

dol...or first birthday

After our whirlwind Portland trip we arrived home just in time for a friends daughters Dol. In Korean culture the first 100 days of a child's life and the first birthday are a pretty big deal because it means that the child has made it through the hard part...this is in part due to historically high infant mortality rates during this period. So it was quite an honor to be invited to celebrate this one year milestone. 

There are several details that are in place during these celebrations but here are some of my favorite...
The Hanbok. This is the traditional dress for the the birthday girl and while they sometimes differ in their color schemes they keep all the same components. There's usually a hat but she kept taking it off:)

First birthdays also give the guest of honor the opportunity to foretell their future. Multiple items are laid out in front of them symbolizing different professions and whichever one they pick first is said to be their path. The dad was ecstatic that the first thing she went to was the soccer ball...athlete it is:)

Guests were also served traditional bean and rice cakes, which in turn will leave the birthday girl with lifelong happiness!!

and what birthday party would be complete without the obligatory destroying of the first birthday cake (with help from her brother and sister of course:)!

We had such a great time and as soon as we got home I said to Mr. Awesome, "I can't believe we only have nine months to plan Miss K's!!" Good thing I already have the hanbock picked out. To check out more Dol's go to Shoots and Giggles, they do a much better job at capturing all those details than my point-and-shoot:)

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