Sunday, November 14

today i'm thankful for... (weekend edition)

Miss K is just starting to move around this quilt and by move I mean shove her face into it while trying to make it from one side to the other. When she's tired she rolls onto her back and looks at me like this.

because Mr. Awesome had mid-terms on his birthday we had a belated celebration dinner on Saturday and it was the lovely;)

What did Mr. Awesome want to do for his birthday? Oh just the six-pound burrito challenge, thankfully he had friends that were up to the challenge too. Unfortunately, 32 minutes is not alot of time to finish off that much awesomeness!!

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  1. Loved the visit! I will be back to see more. The birthday feast reminds me of what I used to bring my husband for lunch in college. People thought I was feeding the whole BBall team. Miss K is lovely. So glad she has her dad's mustache, but hope she gets your hair. xxoAuntie Marti