Thursday, November 4

my diaper bag and other disasters

I've never been a purse girl...not because I don't love them or think they're pretty and not because there aren't some beautiful purses that I covet. I am not a purse girl purely because I am a Closet Purse Slob. It's like hoarding but on a micro scale; all my dirty little secrets reside in the dark crevasses of a purse. For years I have relegated purse use to an occasional, warranted treat, typically limiting myself to the much more manageable, yet still stylish, clutch. However now, dear friends, I have a Diaper Bag.

It's a lovely diaper bag that was a shower gift from my mom and unlike most diaper bags, it is relatively stylish, but like most diaper bags it is huge. It supplies me with more than enough space for my myriad of crap and the clincher is that I HAVE TO CARRY IT!!

When I first got it I thought, "I can keep this organized...I mean look at all these pockets, right?" Well let the hoarding begin!!!

contents as of yesterday:
five outfits
12 diapers
the whole costco size container of baby wipes
enough receipts to paper mache a pinata
a half eaten old-fashioned donut (still in the bag, but stale and inedible)
five packs of pulverized saltines (from lunch with the grandparents)
my clutch
my phone might be in there (it's currently MIA)
two Pilot G2 extra fine point pens (cause they're awesome)
emergency formula, liners and a bottle
the flip camera
the regular camera
camera charger
her hair brush
two bibs that never seem to make it on Almond Joy wrapper

Now, this is how I know I have a problem: when someone offers to grab something out of the bag, I panic. My response is frantic and apologetic and I am just short of screaming "NOOOOOOOOO!!!! You may not come back." Just the thought of someone going in there horrifies me. Doesn't this sound like one of those crazy Hoarders...I know I don't need all that stuff. I just need a diaper clutch and we can save the DB for overnight trips.

I feel so much better having come clean!


  1. happy you posted this. i have been on the hunt for a stylish diaper bag.. what brand is this?


  2. hey lady:)...the bag is by Bella Tunno and it comes in multiple color combos. I definitely recommend a cute bag for you and a backpack for the Mr. Billy refused to carry this bag:)

    and the flower is a pin so it can be clipped anywhere!

    I love the burp cloths:)

  3. thank you thank you for the help!!!