Friday, November 5

fill in the blank friday

1.   My last haircut was      The week before we had Miss K...I decided that that would be a good time to get bangs!!

2.  My most daring hair moment was  when I was seven? and had my waist length hair put into took two days.

3.  A hairstyle I'd never be brave enough to try is       anything much shorter than my shoulders, I've had unfortunate experiences with bobs .

4.  I've always dreamt of being a (blonde, brunette or red-head)    definitely a red head like Pippy Longstockings or Mary Jane.

5.  My go-to hair do is       curly, curly, curly. There is absolutely no point in trying to fight it anymore...these days I only wear my hair straight if they do it at the salon. It used to take me two hours to straighten and it still never looked natural...that's time I'll never get back!!

6.  My biggest hair disaster was    relaxing my hair...I totally burned my scalp.

7.  A hairstyle I am dying to try is        I would love to wake-up with Beyonce bombshell hair.

8.  My best hair day was       the day that it got Mr. Awesome's attention was the first thing he noticed in the airport that fateful day:)

9.  The worst hairstyle I ever had was   when I was 13, talking the hairstylist into giving me Drew Barrymore's little bob...she has about half the amount of hair I have and I was stuck with the oh so popular with the curly set "pyramid bob."

10.  My hair is       is the most comical morning hair that you will ever see...especially with the bangs, there's no telling what I'll wake up with


  1. you have the most gorgeous curls! i'm jealous!

    thanks for sharing your hair ups and downs :).


  2. I think you already have Beyonce bomshell hair...seriously! It's beautiful!

  3. AWWW Thanks...every year it gets more manageable:)

  4. I have curly hair how do you get so much volume on top? I have layers but my top is still flat and a lot straighter then the rest. I wish I had your curls they are perfect.