Wednesday, November 17

spinning plates

Does your life ever feel like this? Like you have all these plates spinning: family, home, friendships, jobs, commitments...dishes and laundry? Is it inevitable that one of those plates will come crashing to the ground? Last night I felt like I might be getting sick, the health plate was looking a little precarious. This morning it had definitely come shattering to the floor: my head was throbbing, my ears were ringing and I felt like I might throw-up. I managed to eat half a piece of toast before Mr. Awesome headed off to work and then I really wanted to just jump back in bed and sleep it off. It is amazing how different my life is these days. I don't know how to be sick with a newborn around who (thankfully) is healthy and bright-eyed. So I threw up a simple prayer that Miss K would go down for a couple naps today and that for the first time since she was born I would "sleep when she slept." It was probably one of the most specific and sincere prayers I've said in a while. 
Well Miss K and I had a lovely two hour nap this morning and slept for over three hours this afternoon and it doesn't stop there: Mr. Awesome came home so I could get a break and take a super hot shower, as of 7:45pm Miss K is down for the night, I found a awesome love note in my tea tin and I am feeling remarkably better. 
I am so very thankful that I serve a God who provides and who answers such specific, sincere prayers. 

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  1. Awesome,,, thanks for sharing,,
    its important to always acknowledge god,,

    and yes i am spinning plates right now, i have been in the wildest part of the acrobatics for the past two months, now,, but if not for god i would have fallen apart long ago....

    thank you for sharing that cartoon,,,