Sunday, March 21

Holy Smokes!!

It has been quite the few weeks, the events include but are not limited to: 
*Finding out we are having a girl!! (let's remember how absolutely convinced we were that it was a boy).
*Getting excited because the girls clothes section is about ten times bigger than the boys
*Our dear Mayapolis Papaya needing an emergency trip to the Vet, and it's no surprise,   because she eats absolutely everything (I'm convinced that if she actually does get ahold of her tail for long enough she'd eat that too)
*Writing like mad on my first YA novel, titled Swept
*Mr. Awesome being super sick 
*In the midst of Mr. Awesome being super sick making him get out of the house for a little bit to get some fresh air, which may not sound like it should be on the list, until...
*While out "getting fresh air" our house is broken into
*Thanking God for fresh air, amazing neighbors,  and the fact that everything important to me was with me while someone broke down our door and stalked around our house
*After less than two months in our new place, beginning to pack and move again at the end of this month
*Realizing that while moving may suck the place we're moving to, in the long run, is pretty friggin' sweet


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