Monday, May 24

Mmmmm...Alicious (which means Delicious in my nephews language)

Letter to Everyone,

I kid you not when I say that what I'm about to tell you could possibly save your life...DO NOT!!! mess with a pregnant woman when it comes to food! At this point nothing has more bearing on my current state of mind or on your safety as whether or not I am well fed. Just last night the fact that I couldn't figure out what to eat reduced me to tears. There was also the time my head was actually spinning as I bullied Mr. Awesome, "No, I need to eat now. Not when we get home, NOW!" 

The worst is that when I need to eat, it is an urgent top priority and if not addressed...well, I have gotten sick in the parking lot and in an airplane galley.  It is all consuming and a constant thought...what will I eat next and who do I have to take out just to get it? Thankfully all I had to do was head to my mom's house for all the ingredients for my latest venture. Oh she had everything there: leftover meatloaf, cornbread, glazed carrots, mashed potatoes, chicken soup made from scratch, a freezer bursting with delectable icy treats. I bet you're wondering what I went for, well after surveying my options I decided on a banana and mayo sandwich on soft white bread. MMMmmmm!!!!

Happy Monday,

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