Monday, August 2

A little of our summer awesomeness (Part 2),

Still being watched but he is slowly cracking and just might let me take an adventure to Target!!! Crossing my fingers. Until then here's a little more summer...

Absolutely loving the Summer Farmers Markets...there's practically one everyday in our neighborhood.

I think I've eaten more Otter Pops since being pregnant than I did in my entire childhood.

We decided late afternoon one day to go pitch a tent on the coast for the was lovely (minus pregnant and sleeping on the ground part)

Mr. Awesome makes a point to propose to me whenever he gets his hand on my ring:) Obviously one of the many reasons he's so awesome. This is what I woke up too the morning after kicking his butt in Scrabble.

Go Sounders!! Even though they lost and I almost had to beat an old woman up for cutting me in the free Blizzard line.

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  1. You're fun...and I would have totally taken out Blizzard hogging Granny