Tuesday, August 31

Dear Kaia,

Needless to say there are an absurd number of things you do that are absolutely adorable and sweet but in this short time that we've known each other I find that the things that stand out most are a little on the gross side....for example: 

1.) you are a pooper, no way around it. It has only been three weeks and (much like our puppy) you have already marked your territory. Of course there was the predictable changing table instance (at least three), and I could probably blame myself for changing you on the white shag carpet (did you really need to project though) and then of course there was Daddy Awesome's leg which required him to have to go take a shower. You also like to make us think that you need your diaper changed but then wait until we're actually in the act before doing your business. 
....side note: today you laughed in your sleep and I think you were planning your next attack...Tricky, tricky Kaia!

2.) losing your belly button thingy, literally. So while changing your diaper (again) I noticed that it was gone, but you had a onesie on sooooo where could it have gone to. Apparently you are practicing your magic skills because much to my dismay there it was just sitting on the couch. Really Kaia...Really?

3.) You are a bit of a piglet, sometimes you eat so fast that you just as quickly spit it back out...typically down your chin, down my shirt, but rarely on the designated burp cloth. However, today was a little out of the ordinary, instead of following our normal routine you decided to hold out for Daddy Awesome. Once you were safely in his arms you distracted him with your cute face and then proceeded to projectile vomit all over yourself and his sleeve. Momma thought your head might start spinning and just about had an ambulance on the way.

So there's three little things for your three wonderful weeks on this earth, all documented for your future embarassment.


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