Sunday, August 22

A little peek at the nursery...still in progress

I kind of love Kaia's room, and here's why:

1. The color on the wall's is called Enjoyable Yellow, it's a low VOC paint so all new paranoid parents can rest assured that their babies aren't inhaling paint toxins. It's just bright enough to not be overwhelming, however, the pictures are a little underwhelming. Mr. Awesome and one of his besties had the pleasure of painting the room. 

2. The Cricut (belonging to my bestie:) made doing the DIY alphabet posters and the owls above the changing table, incredibly cost effective and also allowed me to pick the colors I liked. 

3. The changing table was my nephews so it was FREE!! and the crib was a gift from my mom which made it...FREE as well. We also have a glider from my in-laws (which made it FREE!!) that is getting the cushions redone to match the crib skirt.

4. The baskets on the changing table and the waste basket are all from the dollar section at Target.

5. The crib skirt was another DIY project. It involved some Velcro and hem tape (all washable) so that I didn't have to sew anything and this allowed me pick a fabric that I loved called Mary Jane Sorbet!! 

6. Another last minute DIY are the tissue paper poms that, they day we checked into the hospital, I had planned to suspend from the ceiling over the crib along with a super sweet chandelier that my mom found for $2. 

7. Another thing that I absolutely had to have was the white shag carpet (courtesy of IKEA) it, at $50, is actually the most expensive thing we got for her room and I love it:)

8. But nothing makes a nursery like all the little people clothes and socks and blankets. I have a hard time closing the closet door when their just so friggin' cute to look at.

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