Monday, August 2

A little of our summer awesomeness (Part 1),

I am currently being chaperoned by Mr. Awesome who has made it his mission in life to keep me off my incredibly swollen feet (Dr's orders). But I'm 39 weeks pregnant, I have things to do, one of which is going head to head with gravity (daily) in order to make sure this little one knows which direction she needs to be heading. However, while he currently has a watchful eye over me I thought I'd post some of our summer madness. 

I have been so thankful that Mr. Awesome and I have been able to spend so much uninterrupted time together before the munchkin gets here (perks of being a teacher) and even more thankful and blessed that neither of us has to rush back to work once she arrives so we can all get our bearings:) 

So here's to a wonderful summer thus far and our impending cherry on top!!

Our makeshift spa at the hotel complete with lovely finds from LUSH!!

Yeah for Canada Day!!! We headed to Victoria with friends without even knowing that it was a National Holiday...we were treated to an awesome fireworks display, live music and lots of food:)

Uhhh...Yeah, that's an Elk tongue. It was given to us by accident, but being the adventurous people we are we smoked the heck out of that sucker and it ended up looking and smelling was a tad chewy though and we had a very dramatic countdown to our first bite.

Registering awesomeness, we pretty much just scanned everything...Well, Mr. Awesome scanned everything, complete with sound effects:)

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