Friday, August 20

Whew!! Week 1 in Review

*The hormonal roller coaster does not stop the minute you have the baby
*You will never again sleep the sweet sweet slumber of someone without a child
*The sleep you do get will be sweeter because you don't feel entitled to it
*Night Sweats? not only are you waking up at God knows what time but then you're soaked too?

Just about everything can make you feel like you're doing something wrong, i.e.
*the amount of diapers being changed
*the diaper rash that appears due to the sheer number of diaper changes
*forgetting to burp them
*cool air seeping into the swaddle
*their scaly skin
*every single time they cry
*the medieval torture device known as the "car seat"

However, a few of my favorite things have been: 
*sleeping on my stomach (just as amazing as I remember)
*when she smiles in her sleep and I convince myself that it's because we're doing something right
*successfully clothing her, changing her, or getting her in her car seat without a peep
*little fingers and little toes
* when she looks around every time she hears Mr. Awesome's voice
* the Dr. telling me that this won't be the first time I'll feel inadequate, which was surprisingly comforting. 

As of now Week 2 has been shaping up nicely as well. We'll update soon.


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