Tuesday, August 24

Week 2 in Review

General Revelations
*ummm...Yeah, I'm a little tired
*0-3 months really doesn't fit every newborn, neither does the newborn size (she's itty bitty)
*just because she lets out a cry doesn't necessarily mean she's in distress
*wait a couple minutes before changing that diaper, at least with this one there's always an Encore!!
* I think she's testing the temperature with her tongue
* breast feeding is difficult...enough said, even if it doesn't hurt it's still tiring
*she totally understands the books I'm reading to her, I KNOW IT!!
*Some things just aren't going to get done
*It's really difficult to "sleep when she sleeps," when I'm too busy taking pics and staring
*baby farts can smell just as bad as grown man farts but not quite as bad as the dogs

1 comment:

  1. how precious is she? and what a smarty...already understanding books.