Thursday, December 31

Oh Jeez...Really...Seriously?

Call me naive but I was under the impression that I wouldn't be losing sleep until I actually produced a screaming bundle of joy. It looks to be, however, that that is clearly not the case. Just last night I woke up on four separate occasions to do one or all of the following: pee (again, honestly), guzzle orange juice directly out of the container, throw all the blankets onto Mr. Awesome, steal all the blankets back from Mr. Awesome (but not the blue one), munch on saltines, lay in bed imagining what I might prefer more than stale saltines, try to figure out whether I want to throw up or eat or, and this is the best one yet....try to convince myself that none of the aforementioned exists. Which, in turn, resets the whole shebang.

I'm tired.

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